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This is the beta site for the new United States One-Place Study Register

which is now scheduled to go live on Monday April 27 2015

In the meantime please visit our existing United States pages

You will be given a free Register page dedicated to your study place.

All sub-places in your study area will be included in the master register with links to your dedicated webpage.

Please complete the information below as fully as possible:

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State / Territory

In ‘Sub-Places’ you can list any villages or towns etc. which are within your study area

If you select a dummy register address with auto-forward, any emails sent to [yourplace]@oneplacestudy.org will automatically be forwarded on to your own email address without disclosing it

To add a study, please complete the following form as fully as possible and click on ‘Submit’.

Studies are normally added to the Register within 24 hours of submission.

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