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Blackwood One-Place Study


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I am the Historian for the Blackwood & District Historical and have written three books (see below) on the history of the gold-mining town of Blackwood in Victoria, Australia.

I am currently nearly completed over 30 years’ research into the further history and pioneers of Blackwood, which is now over 600 pages.

I am happy to answer questions on people who once lived in Blackwood.

Margot F. Hitchcock

Barrys Reef, Golden Point, Simmons Reef





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4 Dec 2013



Courtesy of Margot Hitchcock & Blackwood & District Historical Society

Some History of Simmons Reef, Blackwood

The Billy Pincombe Tragedy

The tragic shootings of a minister and Billy Pincombe at Blackwood, Victoria 1908

Aspects of Early Blackwood

- The Goldfield, the Landmarks, the Pioneers