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Boonah One-Place Study

Scenic Rim


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Boonah is a beautiful country town located about 87 km from Brisbane and nestled to the east of Mount French.

The study will be based on the town centre and the areas of Mount French, Frenches Creek, Templin, Kents Pocket, Hoya, Dugandan and Milford. Initially the study will follow the development of this area from the year 1880 up to 1905. Hopefully this will become a community project.

Most of my grandparents and great grandparents lived in this area so I have a real connection to this area.

Sam Coombe

Mount French, Frenches Creek, Templin,

Kents Pocket, Hoya, Dugandan, Milford

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21 Oct 2015



Postcard image courtesy of Photo~Mobs under a Creative Commons Licence