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State List | Queensland





Fifteen Mile

Frenches Creek




Places registered in the state of Queensland:


Resources for the state of Queensland:


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FamilySearch collections:  [FREE]

Cemetery Records 1802-1990

Maryborough Public Records 1847-1989

Queensland State Archives:

Convict / prisoner:

Chronological register of convicts 1824-1839

St Helena prisoners 1863-1936

Toowoomba prisoners 1864-1906


Criminal depositions 1861-1885

Divorces 1861-1894

Equity files 1857-1895

Inquests 1859-1902

Instruments of renunciation 1915-1983

Justices of the Peace 1857-1922

Naturalisations 1851-1904

Trustees files 1889-1929

Wills 1857-1940

Hospital / sanitoria:

Brisbane Hospital admission registers 1872-1887

Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1899-1913

Brisbane Hospital registers of deaths 1933-1952

Consumptive patients 1897-1902

Mackay Hospital admissions 1891-1908


Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875-1884

Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884-1907

Assisted Immigration 1848-1912

Card index to nominated immigrants 1908-1922

Immigration 1922-1940

Land orders 1861-1874

Oronsay immigration 1925-1972

Passage Certificates 1887-1906

Passport Register 1926-1939

Register of immigrants 1864-1878

Register of immigrants 1882-1938

Registers of immigrants, Brisbane 1885-1917


Colonial Secretary's Correspondence relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People 1859-1903

Correspondence relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 1894-1915 – Deebing Creek

Aboriginal War Census returns 1915 - 1916


Land orders 1865-1866​

Land selections prior to 1884

Mineral leases 1871-1940

Miners rights 1874–1880

Register of lands 1861-1868

Register of land sold 1842-1859

Register of lands sold 1849-1861

Register of Pastoral Holdings 1863-1880

Transfer of runs 1848-1874


Civil servants 1865-1867

Dental Board 1903-1932

Imperial pensions 1872-1915

Imperial pensions 1898-1912

Nurses examinations 1915-1925

Seamen 1882-1919

Teachers 1860-1904

Orphanage and reformatories:

Toowoomba Girls Reformatory Admissions 1881-1903

Toowoomba Girls Reformatory Discharges 1882-1903

Westbrook Reformatory Admission Registers 1871-1906


Aboriginal War Census returns 1915-1916

Boer War 1899-1902

TB Home applications 1923-1932


Australian South Sea Islanders 1867-1908

Coloured Labour and Asiatic Aliens 1913

Companies 1863-1959

Items of interest

Ancestry collections:   [SUBSCRIPTION]

Government Gazettes 1903-1910

Passenger Lists 1848-1912

Pioneers & Settlers Registers 1825-1920

Findmypast collections:   [SUBSCRIPTION]

Aldine History Of Queensland

Cooloola Coast Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions

Foxs History Of Queensland

Assisted Immigration 1848-1912

Blue Book

Brands Directories

Brands Directory

Burials & Memorials

Convict Register Index 1824-1839

Court Records

Criminal Reports



Early Pioneers

Education Gazette

Electoral Rolls


Funeral Records

Government Gazette

Government Gazettes

Immigrants Nominated For Passage 1884-1907

Immigration Registers 1922-1940

Intestacies & Wills

Land Orders 1861-1874

Land Records


Naturalisations 1851-1904

Nominated Immigrants 1908-1922

Passage Certificates 1887-1906

Passport Registers 1926-1939

Police Gazette

Police Gazettes

Postal Directories

Public Service

Railway Dismissals 1879. Ipswich and Rockhampton Railway Workshops

Railway Employees

Register Of Immigrants 1864-1878

School Committee Members

School Pupils

Ship Deserters 1862-1911

Teachers Indexes

Telephone Directories

Telephone Directory Brisbane

Telephone Directory South West

Unclaimed Letters

Wills Index 1857-1940

Brisbane Register Of Immigrants 1885-1917

Maryborough Registers Of Rations Issued To Immigrants 1875-1884

St Helena Convict Index 1863-1936

Queenslanders Who Fought In Great War


Family History Societies etc:  

Genealogical Society of Queensland

Sunshine Coast Historical & Genealogical Resource Centre

Judy Webster’s Indexes:  [FREE]

Indexes to Archives records & other sources for genealogy

Kents Pocket

Lander Shute

Landers Shoot



Mount French

Murphys Creek



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