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Tarnagulla One-Place Study



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Tarnagulla is a small rural town situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle, central Victoria, Australia.

It is a town founded on the excitement and hope of the Victorian Gold rush and quickly developed into a thriving community. Many large company gold mines employed scores of miners at their peak and many large gold nuggets were found. It was a town of enormous wealth for some. Over the years as gold became less plentiful many turned to farming and other pursuits.

With a colorful history, Tarnagulla today is a quiet town with a population of only a few hundred.

Cameron Clark

Laanecoorie, Llanelly, Arnold, Newbridge & Murphys Creek





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18 Sep 2013


The study website provides an insight into some of the history of Tarnagulla through photos, historic records, stories, articles from local papers and more.

Study owner Cameron Clark says

“There are always new articles and records to be included and we are working towards getting as many of these online as possible. It is our hope that anybody with articles or photos of interest submits them for inclusion. Our aim is to make this site a living resource for those interested in Tarnagulla and to preserve its history for future generations.”

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Tarnagulla

Substantially affected by fire in 2000

Courtesy of Matt and reproduced under a Creative Commons Licence