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The following study has been registered and is also on the Worldwide One-Place Study Register:

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Great Kimble & Little Kimble One-Place Study



Great Kimble & Little Kimble

The study covers the modern combined Parish of Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh, which includes the settlements of Smoky Row, Clanking, Marsh, Kimblewick as well as Little Kimble and Great Kimble.

The parishes of Little Kimble and Great Kimble were separate until 1885 when they were merged - but kept their separate churches, St. Nicholas for Great Kimble (pictured below) and All Saints for Little Kimble (pictured right). There is also a Free Church (formerly the Union Chapel) in Little Kimble.


Stephen Daglish

Marsh, Kimblewick, Smokey Row and Clanking





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3 Nov 2014

 Oct 2013


The study will concentrate on the inhabitants of the parish, initially concentrating on the census years 1841-1911. It will look at where they lived, their occupations and places of work, the employers and landowners, the local clubs and groups and life events, such as births, marriages and deaths. Also at events that impacted life in the parish, from wars to weather events.