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Saint-Raymond One-Place Study



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This is a One Place Study for Saint-Raymond, located in Portneuf District near the capital of Québec, Canada.

The goal of this study is to create profiles for all Saint-Raymond residents listed on the censuses of 1842, 1851, 1861, 1871, etc., and to coordinate the census information with the parish records and genealogical studies that are available online. No profiles will be created without fact-checking the census information with other sources.

The first census of Saint-Raymond that included all residents was taken in 1851. At the time, the most common surnames in Saint-Raymond were Plamondon, Cantin, Beaupré, Alain, Hamel, Déry, Gingras, Drolette, Moisan, and Paquet. The most common non-French surname was Gray. While most of the residents were French Canadian, there were also many Irish and some English residents.

This study benefits immensely from the online availability of the parish records that are a part of the Drouin Collection. Baptism, marriage and burial dates specifically for Saint-Raymond are available beginning in October 1844.

Sarah Heiney

*also known as Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, previously known as Bourg-Louis





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Sep 25 2017


When Saint-Raymond was first settled in the 1830s, it was called "Bourg-Louis." The thriving town of Saint-Raymond was not formed until the 1840s.

The name "Bourg-Louis" came to refer to the settlement of mostly Irish and English Protestants located south of the town. On the 1851 Census, these Protestants were counted as part of "Saint-Raymond." Bourg-Louis did not officially separate from Saint-Raymond until the late 1800s.

After 1844, Catholic parish records for Saint-Raymond can be found in the Drouin Collection under "Saint-Raymond."

Prior to 1844, these records were recorded in other parishes, most notably Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier. The Sainte-Catherine records note whether the person being baptized, married, or buried was from "St Raymond," "St Raymond de Bourg Louis," or "Bourg Louis" (as opposed to "this parish" for those who were actually from Sainte-Catherine).

The focus of this study is the Catholic residents of Saint-Raymond (and its former name Bourg-Louis).