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Barnardo’s - Former Children’s Homes

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In 1870, Thomas Barnardo opened his first home for boys in Stepney Causeway. He regularly went out at night into the slum district to find destitute boys. One evening, an 11-year old boy, John Somers (nicknamed 'Carrots') was turned away because the shelter was full. He was found dead two days later from malnutrition and exposure and from then on the home bore the sign 'No Destitute Child Ever Refused Admission'

Barnardo later opened the Girls' Village Home in Barkingside, a collection of cottages around a green, which housed 1,500 girls.

Barnardo’s ran hundreds of children’s homes across the UK from Thomas Barnardo’s day until the 1970’s. They don’t run orphanages and children’s homes anymore.

 Children’s Homes - UK

Their website provides a non-exhaustive directory of all the homes and when they opened and closed. In many cases, there are photographs of the buildings too.

Check for any former children’s homes  in your one-place study area.



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