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 Victoria County History - England

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The Victoria County History (VCH) has written the history of more than 3500 English parishes and published more than 225 volumes since Hampshire volume I was published in 1900.

The VCH was founded in 1899 as a private enterprise, with the intention of producing a history of each English county. Work began almost immediately in 34 counties, and volumes (still known as big red books) appeared regularly from 1900.

Unfortunately work came to a halt in 1908 as funding ran out. It resumed in 1910, but only in ten counties so that a great deal of work completed before the end of 1908 was never published. From 1923 the general editor, William Page, was able to publish a handful of volumes, mostly written before the First World War, but he secured the future of the VCH when in 1932 he offered it to the University of London as a research project to be run out of the Institute of Historical Research.


 County Histories - England

To see for your parish has been covered by the VCH, use the search facility.

If the VCH has covered that parish, details of which volume it was published in and whether it is available to view online will appear.

Alternatively use the filter by county drop down box to view a list of every parish covered for a particular county and which volume they appear in.

Remember the index only covers historic parishes - so if your village once lay in a parish with a different name, you will need to search under that name.



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