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The following study has been registered and is also on the Worldwide One-Place Study Register:

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Westward One-Place Study




The aim of this study is to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the place in which many of my paternal ancestors lived their lives.

Westward is a rural parish made up of four townships - Brocklebank, Rosley, Stoneraise and Woodside. These are really little more than collections of small hamlets and farms - a population of around 1,000 individuals and almost as many place names. There are two churches - the parish church of St Hilda's at Church Hill in Stoneraise and a chapel of ease at Rosley.


Jane Barton

Brocklebank, Rosley, Stoneraise, Woodside






7 Oct 2017

 Oct 2013



Although I've been researching several family lines in Westward for many years, I am just beginning the process of pulling everything together in a form that can be shared with others. I hope to have an initial website up very soon. In the meantime, if you have a particular interest in Westward parish, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.