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The following study has been registered and is also on the Worldwide One-Place Study Register:

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Newhall One-Place Study


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Here you will find information about the village of Newhall in South Derbyshire, England and its' people from various sources such as parish records, census, trade directories, photos, etc. Some of the information relates just to my own family research but there may be something for you also! Check out my own family history, my ancestors have lived in the village for over a hundred and fifty years.

Since around 1996 I have been researching my family history which mostly centres in and around the village of Newhall, South Derbyshire. During this time I have collected a lot of information for the village, some relating to my ancestry, others not. My aim is to use this site to present all this info for others who are also interested in the village. I have also included some links to other sites where you can find more information. I hope you enjoy your stay, and, more importantly, find some information regarding your own ancestors!


Emma Dickson







1 Oct 2013