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Bridgerule One-Place Study


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The village of Bridgerule lies adjacent to the Cornish border, near to Holsworthy in the County of Devon, and Bude in Cornwall. It lies on both sides of the Tamar Valley. The western side lies close to the Bude Canal and was in Cornwall until 1844 when the county boundary was adjusted to bring both Western and Eastern Bridgerule into Devon.

Most of the homes in the village, the Shop, Pub and Parish Hall are to the west of the Tamar while the Parish Church, Methodist Chapel and Primary School are across the Tamar in the eastern area. There are also hamlets of Borough and Merrifield. The two halves of the parish were finally combined into one in 1950.

The Parish Church, dedicated to St Bridget and restored in 1878, has a tower of Ashlar granite, wagon roof, modern screen and very early Norman font. The Norman manor of Tackbear has plaster overmantels and woodwork dated 1693. The name Bridgerule is thought to be derived from Ruald who held the manor in the Domesday Book.


Judith Upton






16 Nov 2013



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Although now in Devon, western Bridgerule was formerly in Cornwall