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Hoar Oak Cottage One-Place Study


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Hoar Oak Cottage, Exmoor

Hoar Oak Cottage is a shepherds cottage located in a beautiful but very remote part of Exmoor on the North Devon/West Somerset border.  

For 200 or so years it was a thriving home to shepherds and their families who lived and worked on the Hoar Oak herding.  Before that it was a small single roomed cott used as a seasonal shelter for shepherds tending herds brought onto the high moor for summer pasturing.  

The Friends of Hoar Oak Cottage was set up by descendants of the shepherd families with the aim of saving the history and heritage of the cottage, its surroundings and the families who once lived and worked there. The Friends received a Heritage Lottery Grant to support this work and now have a website, an extensive archive and give talks, exhibitions throughout the year as well as arranging walks to the cottage.

Friends of Hoar Oak Cottage






22 May 2016

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Bette Baldwin

The building and land was purchased by the Exmoor National Park Authority in the 1960s. The last shepherd left and the cottage was left to decline into a ruin. Recently it has been conserved as a 'heritage ruin'.