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Wembury One-Place Study




I have lived in Wembury all my life and seen its development from a quiet country parish into a dormitory area for Plymouth. It originally consisted of a rural parish with two hamlets of Knighton and Down Thomas and the stand alone church of St Werburgh on the cliffs above the beach.

Wembury is a peninsula with Plymouth Sound to the West, Wembury Bay to the South and the Yealm Estuary to the East. Wembury has a good set of historical records including Parish Registers from 1611 and Poor rate books.

Robert Rowland

Knighton & Down Thomas






19 Dec 2017



Wembury Manor has connections with the Hele, Pollexfen and Lockyer families, while Langdon Manor has connections with Pipard, Courtenay, Calmady and Cory families.  

We have copies of the Tithe apportionment and census returns and studies of many of the local families who have lived here over the years. Its neighbouring Parishes are Plymstock, Brixton, Newton Ferrers and Revelstoke.

Robert is also the ‘Online Parish Clerk’ for Wembury