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Places registered in England beginning with the letter C:


Cadley, Wiltshire

Cadley (Collingbourne Kingston) (pre-1934), Wiltshire

Caldbeck, Cumberland

Caldbergh, Yorkshire

Caldwell, Derbyshire

Callington. Cornwall

Callow, Derbyshire

Calne, Wiltshire

Calstock, Cornwall

Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire

Calverley, Yorkshire

Camborne, Cornwall

Camelford, Cornwall

Cannonhold, Wiltshire

Canonstown, Cornwall

Carbis, Cornwall

Cardinham, Cornwall

Cargreen, Cornwall

Carlesmoor, Yorkshire

Carleton, Yorkshire

Carlton, Yorkshire

Carne, Cornwall

Carnmenellis, Cornwall

Carsington, Derbyshire

Cashes Green, Gloucestershire

Castle Acre, Norfolk

Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Castle Eaton, Wiltshire

Castleton, Derbyshire

Catcomb, Wiltshire

Cauldwell, Derbyshire

Cawsand, Cornwall

Chacewater, Cornwall

Chaddenwick, Wiltshire

Chalfield Magna, Wiltshire

Chalford, Wiltshire

Chapen en le Frith, Derbyshire

Chapletown, Lancashire

Chapmanslade, Wiltshire

Chardstock, Devon

Chardstock (All Saints), Devon

Chardstock (St Andrews), Devon

Charlcutt, Wiltshire

Charlestown, Cornwall

Charlesworth, Derbyshire

Charleton, Devon

Charlton (Donhead St. Mary), Wiltshire

Charlton (Malmesbury), Wiltshire

Charlton All Saints, Wiltshire

Charlton St. Peter (near Pewsey), Wiltshire

Charnham Street, Wiltshire

Chedglow, Wiltshire

Chelworth, Wiltshire

Cherhill, Wiltshire

Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire (dormant)

Chevening, Kent

Cheverell Parva, Wiltshire

Chicklade, Wiltshire

Chicksworth, Wiltshire

Chiddingly, Sussex

Chiddingstone, Kent

Childs Ercall, Shropshire

Chilhampton, Wiltshire

Chilmark, Wiltshire

Chilsworthy, Cornwall

Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire

Chinley, Derbyshire

Chippenham, Wiltshire

Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire

Chirton, Wiltshire

Chisbury, Wiltshire

Chiseldon, Wiltshire

Chisworth, Derbyshire

Chitterne, Wiltshire

Chittoe, Wiltshire

Cholderton, Wiltshire

Christchurch (Bradford-on-Avon), Wiltshire

Christchurch (Warminster), Wiltshire

Christian Malford, Wiltshire

Chunal, Derbyshire

Church, Lancashire

Church Knowle, Dorset

Churchill, Devon

Chute, Wiltshire

Chute Cadley, Wiltshire

Chute Forest, Wiltshire

Chute Standen, Wiltshire

Clack, Wiltshire

Clapham, Yorkshire

Clarendon Park, Wiltshire

Clatford, Wiltshire

Clawton, Devon

Clay Cross, Derbyshire

Clay Lane, Derbyshire

Cleeave Ansty, Wiltshire

Clench, Wiltshire

Clevancy, Wiltshire

Cleverton, Wiltshire

Clifton with Norwood, Yorkshire

Clint, Yorkshire

Clitheroe, Lancashire

Cloatley, Wiltshire

Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire

Coalpit Heath, Gloucestershire

Coate, Wiltshire

Coates, Cambridgeshire

Coaxdon, Devon

Cock Clarks, Essex

Cockles, Dorset

Cockwells, Cornwall

Coddington, Derbyshire

Codford St. Mary, Wiltshire

Codford St. Peter, Wiltshire

Codrington, Gloucestershire

Colan, Cornwall

Coldvreath, Cornwall

Cold Norton, Essex

Coleparle, Wiltshire

Colerne, Wiltshire

Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire

Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire

Collingbourne Sutton, Wiltshire

Collingham, Yorkshire

Colsterdale, Yorkshire

Compton Bassett, Wiltshire

Compton Chamberlayne, Wiltshire

Coombe (Morwenstow), Cornwall

Coombe (St. Stephen-in-Brannel), Cornwall

Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire

Corbets Tey, Essex

Corfe Castle, Dorsetshire

Corsham, Wiltshire

Corsley, Wiltshire

Corston, Wiltshire

Corton, Wiltshire

Cosworth, Cornwall

Coulston, Wiltshire

Cover Bridge, Yorkshire

Coverack, Cornwall

Coverdale, Yorkshire

Coverham, Yorkshire

Cowden, Kent

Cowesfield, Wiltshire

Crafthole, Cornwall

Crambe, Yorkshire

Cranbrook, Kent

Craven Region, Yorkshire

Creed, Cornwall

Creeksea, Essex

Crews Hole, St. George, Gloucestershire

Crich, Derbyshire

Crich Carr, Derbyshire

Cricklade St. Mary, Wiltshire

Cricklade St. Sampson, Wiltshire

Crimble, Yorkshire

Crockerton, Wiltshire

Cromford, Derbyshire

Cross (Launcells), Cornwall

Cross (St. Dominick), Cornwall

Crosstown, Cornwall

Croucheston, Wiltshire

Crowan, Cornwall

Crowborough, Sussex

Crowlas, Cornwall

Crowle, Lincolnshire

Crown Court Liquorpond Street, Middlesex

Crowthorne, Berkshire

Crudwell, Wiltshire

Crugmeer, Cornwall

Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall

Cury, Cornwall

Cutthorpe, Derbyshire

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