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Places registered in England beginning with the letter D:


Dacre, Yorkshire

Dacre Banks, Yorkshire

Dallowgill, Yorkshire

Danby, Yorkshire

Darby Green, Hampshire

Darcy Lever, Lancashire

Darfield, Yorkshire

Darley, Yorkshire

Dassells, Hertfordshire

Dauntsey, Wiltshire

Davidstow, Cornwall

Deadwen Clough, Lancashire

Deane, Lancashire

Debenham, Suffolk

Delabole, Cornwall

Dengie, Essex

Denton, Lancashire

Derry Hill, Wiltshire

Devizes, Wiltshire

Devoran, Cornwall

Dilton, Wiltshire

Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire

Dinting, Derbyshire

Dinton, Wiltshire

Dishcombe, Devon

Disley, Cheshire

Ditchampton, Wiltshire

Ditchling, Sussex

Ditteridge, Wiltshire

Dodington, Gloucestershire

Doffcocker, Lancashire

Dognell, Wiltshire

Doncaster, Lincolnshire

Donhead St. Andrew, Wiltshire

Donhead St. Mary, Wiltshire

Dore, Yorkshire

Down Thomas, Devon

Downgate, Cornwall

Downhill, Cornwall

Downton, Wiltshire

Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire

Draycote Foliat, Wiltshire

Drift, Cornwall

Droylsden, Lancashire

Drumburgh, Cumberland

Dukinfield, Cheshire

Durnford, Wiltshire

Dunley, Hampshire

Durrington, Wiltshire

Dunster, Somerset

Dunveth Cornwall

Dyrham, Gloucestershire

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