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Places registered in England beginning with the letter B:


Earldoms, Wiltshire

East Brent, Somerset

East Cottingwith, Yorkshire

East Cowes, Hampshire/IoW

East Grimstead, Wiltshire

East Grinstead, Sussex

East Harnham, Wiltshire

East Hoathly, Sussex

East Kennett, Wiltshire

East Knoyle, Wiltshire

East Lavant, Sussex

East Looe, Cornwall

East Lulworth, Dorset

East Marton, Yorkshire

East Scrafton, Yorkshire

East Tisbury, Wiltshire

East Tytherton, Wiltshire

East Witton, Yorkshire

Eastcot, Cornwall

Eastcott (Easterton), Wiltshire

Eastcott Common, Wiltshire

Eastcourt, Wiltshire

Easterton, Wiltshire

Easterton Sands, Wiltshire

Easton, Cumberland

Easton, Wiltshire

Easton Grey, Wiltshire

Easton Neston, Northamptonshire

Easton Piercey, Wiltshire

Easton Royal, Wiltshire

Eastridge, Wiltshire

Eastrip, Wiltshire

Eastrop, Wiltshire

Eaton, Berkshire

Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire

Ecclesden, Sussex

Ecclesfield, Yorkshire

Edale, Derbyshire

Edenbridge, Kent

Edenfield, Lancashire

Edgeworth, Lancashire

Edington, Wiltshire

Edingworth, Somerset

Edistone, Devon

Egbury, Hampshire

Egliston (North) Dorsetshire

Egliston (South), Dorsetshire

Egloshayle, Cornwall

Eisey, Wiltshire

Elcombe, Wiltshire

Ellbridge, Cornwall

Ellerton Priory, Yorkshire

Elmscott, Devon

Elmsted, Kent

Encombe, Dorset

Enford, Wiltshire

Englishcombe, Somerset

Enniscaven, Cornwall

Entwistle, Lancashire

Epworth, Lincolnshire

Eridge, Sussex

Erlestoke, Wiltshire

Etchilhampton, Wiltshire

Euridge, Wiltshire

Even-Swindon, Wiltshire

Everleigh, Wiltshire

Ewen, Wiltshire

Eysey, Wiltshire

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