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Sutera One-Place Study


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Sutera is approximately 70km south east of Palermo and 30km west of Caltanissetta. It sits within the province of Caltanissetta in Sicily and stands 580m above sea level. A medieval town with ongoing expansion from the 16th Century, it overlooks the hills and the River Platani. The land is typically sulphurous.

Sutera has been since the late 1800s a spearhead in Italian geology and is well associated with mining of Sulphur and Potassium salts. Oil has been extracted from the nearby town of Gela, a practice which continues to this day.

The history of Sutera is said to be the story of devotion to St Paoline and St Onofrio.  The Castle of Sutera was located on top of Mount San Paolino, at 819m above sea level. The Church of St Paoline dates from the 7th Century with the temple built around 1370.

Julie Goucher

Caltassatta, Mussomelli

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1 Jun 2014