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Map Resources 2


An example of OS OpenSpace being used to display Geograph photographs of plotted locations (see left for more information) - click on image to try application. To see the application being used for a one-place study, go to the ‘Map your Study’ page

One-Place Study Maps

O.S. OpenSpace API

Google Street View

Google Maps

Google Earth

Present Day Maps

Treat Yourself!

We provide information below on just some of the many present day map resources available online. Most online maps allow you to zoom in to view the finer detail.

If you know of any resources not listed please email us at places@oneplacestudy.org

Go on - spoil yourself! You can now create your own One-Place Study map courtesy of the Ordnance Survey.

You’ll need to decide which type of map you would like:

Creating a custom-made map takes just a few minutes:

Mock-up only

Ordnance Survey Ireland

OS Getamap

OS Getamap is a subscription service that allows you to add markers to maps. In reality, Bing Maps (see below) offers you the same maps for free.

Ordnance Survey Ireland provide online access to present day maps on which can be overlaid historic 6 inch maps (1829-1841) and 25 inch (1897-1913) for easy comparison. Layers can be added showing various types of buildings, public parks etc.

Google Earth allows you to zoom in on inaccessable areas such as the ruins of Tyneham House in the Ministry of Defence Firing Ranges. Photos can be pinned to the your chosen places.

More about OS OpenSpace API

OS OpenSpace API (see right) enables website owners to display quality Ordnance Survey maps (with optional boundaries) in web applications and overlay data on them. Place name and postcode search tools are included.

Subject to fair-use limits, it's free. The free version of OS OpenSpace must be visible on a publicly-accessible website and not be used for commercial gain.

To start using OpenSpace all you need to do is register for your own application programming interface (API) key. Once you’ve accepted the terms of the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement and told OS the URL of where your map will be used, they will email your API key and then you are ready to start developing your map.

To use OS OpenSpace all you need is an internet Browser and Notepad or another text file program (to edit and save your code).

OS offer Web-map builder, a tool that will create all of the code for you. All you need to do is decide what size map you want, add in your information and click to generate the code.

Once you have created the code, you will need to copy it into your website editor. OS have a series of tutorials which will help you to embed the code into various blog and website editing applications.

Information courtesy of OS Openspace

Bing Maps / Satellite / Streetview

Bing allows you to zoom in closer on Ordnance Survey maps than Streetmap - Bing also allows you to switch effortlessly between the Ordnance Survey map and Bird’s Eye View (Satellite view) as shown below.

In some areas Bing also offers you the option to switch to Streetview too (see example left)


Streetmap uses mapping data licensed from Open Street Map, Ordnance Survey & Collins Bartholemew. Adverts on site can be annoying!

Bing Streetview

Bing Streetview coverage in the UK is still very limited.

Streetview example  - fire damaged school

Tyneham House as it was in 1927. Not much remains today (see aerial image right)

Google Maps allows you to switch to Streetview too (see example left)

Streetview example - look closely and the building is dated 1420!

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Historic Maps

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