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NLS (National Library of Scotland)

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Detailed maps that offer a fascinating glimpse into how every area of England, Wales & Scotland developed from Victorian times to the 1950s are now available free online courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.

The six-inch to the mile series of Ordnance Survey maps show how towns and cities have spread into the countryside and how the road and rail network developed. Individual buildings and streets can be identified clearly and smaller features can be seen including post boxes, bollards on quaysides and mile posts. The maps can be viewed over time for each place of interest.

The maps also show all place names recorded by Ordnance Survey, including all street names in towns, and all smaller farms, hamlets and villages. The website allows you to zoom in on the maps to pick out the detail you are interested in.

 Maps - UK



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Example O.S. 6” map for Springhill, a One-Place Study in Lancashire