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The Gazette

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The Gazette has a long and established history and has been at the heart of British public life for almost 350 years.

The Great Plague of 1665 forced King Charles II to relocate his Court to the relative safety of Oxford. Courtiers were unwilling to even touch London newspapers for fear of contagion. The Oxford Gazette emerged from this turmoil, and when the plague finally dissipated and the Court returned to London, the London Gazette was born.

As the first official journal of record and the newspaper of the Crown The Gazette became an authoritative and reliable source of news.

The Gazette is also famous for being the bearer of official War Office and Ministry of Defence events, including listing those 'Mentioned in Despatches' (MIDs), where notable individuals are recognised for their activities in the theatre of war.

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An easing of publishing restrictions, and the general success of the London Gazette led to the creation of two further journals, enabling a more detailed focus on material of particular relevance to Scotland (The Edinburgh Gazette) and Northern Ireland (The Belfast Gazette).

All data held within The Gazette publications, unless stated otherwise, is Crown Copyright and is therefore free for you to use under the Open Government Licence.

When re-using any data it is important to reference the original source. You can use the following wording:

“Recorded in The Gazette, issue 60630, 17 September 2013”