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Scottish Indexes

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The Scottish Indexes website includes an index to paternity cases (known as "actions of affiliation and aliment") heard before the Sheriff Courts.

Scottish Indexes have also included a few other cases of genealogical interest, such as aliment cases where no children were involved (for example when a wife was deserted by her husband), and also 'breach of promise' cases.

The main bulk of the data has been indexed from the 'Registers of Extract Decrees', which for most Sheriff Courts are complete from about 1830 onwards.

Not all cases resulted in an extracted decree, so Scottish Indexes have also gradually begun indexing cases found in the processes, or original case papers, for some Sheriff Courts.


 Paternity Cases - Scotland



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For privacy reasons, the index does not go beyoind the year 1914.

The entries for 1915 will be added in 2015, and following years thereafter on an annual basis.

As at 31August 2014, the database contained 6,423 entries.