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The following study has been registered and is also on the Worldwide One-Place Study Register:

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Population in 1881

Lower Gornal One-Place Study


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Lower Gornal

The village of Lower Gornal, which had a population of about 6,000 in the mid-nineteenth century, was dominated by the nail making industry for much of the 19th century, whole families working at the trade, sometimes in their own homes but more often in tiny, poorly-ventilated workshops, in terrible conditions of over-crowding, heat and atmospheric pollution. The other major occupation was in the large coal mine located in the village.

Lower Gornal was not elevated to the status of a parish in its own right until about 1871. Until then it was a chapelry within the large parish of Sedgley.

The study website includes:

● a brief insight into the history of the village

● photographs taken within the parish

● an alphabetical index of surname interests


Jim Fisher






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29 Oct 2013



Although the study is now dormant, the study owner is willing to add records transcribed by other contributors and surname interests.