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Population in 1881

Walnut Tree Close One-Place Study


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Walnut Tree Close in Guildford

Commenced in 1984, the study of Walnut Tree Close in the heart of Guildford continues to be a work in progress. The study includes the following details and is gradually being placed on line:

● Introduction to the Walnut Tree Close Community Archive

● People Index ~ This is very much a work in progress

● General Index ~ This is very much a work in progress

● Census material ~ {1901} {1911}

● Photographs

● Town Directories

● Newspaper articles

The study welcomes contact from others who are interested in this locality and especially in helping to pinpoint families to addresses within Walnut Tree Close.


Julie Goucher


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9 Oct 2014

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Walnut Tree Close is situated in central Guildford, sandwiched between the River Way and the Railway. It is in the parish of St Nicholas and in 1881 the population of the parish of St Nicholas was 438 (source Vision of Britain). I have estimated that there were 100 inhabitants in the road, but that is solely an estimate.

Many of the dwellings were either built in the 1870s by or for the Railway which came to Guildford in the 1850s or the dwellings were converted barns.

A flooded Walnut Tree Close

Photo © Allan Edwards reproduced here with kind permission