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Pocklington One-Place Study



The pace of change in the town of Pocklington is accelerating, and many old buildings and structures have already disappeared. The memories of residents, and photos of the old town need to be recorded for future generations.

Many people around the world have family links with Pocklington and the local villages, and they may seek information that will give them some idea of where their ancestors lived, where they worked, and how they lived their lives.

Pocklington History will not only give everyone an oversight as to what life was like in this small market town, but it is set to heavily expand in the near future - almost becoming an archive in itself.


Andrew Sefton

Allerthorpe, Barmby Moor, Bielby, Bolton, Bumby, Full Sutton, Givendale, Grimthorpe, Hayton, Kilnwick Percy, Meltonby, Millington, Ousethorpe, Thornton, Yapham.




16 Oct 2013




Old postcard view of Pocklington Market Place