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The following study has been registered and is also on the Worldwide One-Place Study Register:

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Wharfedale & Craven One-Place Study


Wharfedale & Craven Region

The Wharfedale & Craven Genealogical Study is an ongoing project to construct the family lines and histories of individuals and families who may have lived the Wharfedale and Craven areas of Yorkshire.

The work for this project started in the Summer 1996 and a website (in some form) has been reporting the extracts of this work since early 1997.

To access the genealogical information you will need to register for and log into an account, but there is no cost for this.

Currently, the project database holds information offline on ~370,000 individual (from ~100,000 families) - the information on the web represents a "single" interconnected tree extract from this database comprising ~255,000 individuals (from ~65,000 families).

Access to information for an additional ~113,000 individuals can be made available for a donation towards the upkeep of the project and website - please see the link at the top of the webpage.


Nic Wilson

See ‘Overview of Study’ for listing and area map





16 Mar 2014


Places covered by the project include:

Addingham • Adel • Arncliffe • Bardsey • Barnoldswick • Bingley  Bolton by Bolland • Bradford • Broughton • Burnsall • Calverley Carleton • Clapham • Collingham • East Marton • Farnham

Fewston • Gargrave • Giggleswick • Gisburn • Guiseley

Hampsthwaite • Harewood • HartwithHaverah Park

Horton in Ribblesdale • Ilkley • Keighley • Kettlewell • Kildwick

Kirkby Malhamdale • Kirkby Overblow • Kirkby Malzeard

Knaresborough • Leathley • Leeds • Linton • Long Preston

Low Bentham • Nidd • Otley • Pannal • Pateley BridgeRipley

Ripon • Skipton • Slaidburn • Spofforth • Thorner

Thornton-in-Craven • Thornton-in-Lonsdale • Weston

A map showing the geographical boundaries covered by the project is shown below.

Note: Places in brown are also covered by previously registered studies, as too is South Bradford.