#OnePlaceLandmarks – January 2021

It’s January!

It’s your chance to join in the fun of writing about Landmarks in your One Place Study area!

Do you have any landmarks, natural or man-made, that have helped shape the lives of people in your place? Then write about them this month and use the hashtag #OnePlaceLandmarks.

Natural landmarks may be coastal features such as beaches, cliffs, coves or harbours, or inland features such as forests, hills, mountains, rivers, valleys or waterfalls.

Man made landmarks could include bridges, canals, castles, country mansions, town halls or other prominent buildings (but you may wish to save pubs to April and churches to May).

We look forward to reading your #OnePlaceLandmark blogs and posts over this coming month!

Special thanks to the Society for One-Place Studies for coming up with the idea of the OnePlaceStudy blogging prompts.

Start thing about future monthly prompts which are:

  • Feb 2021 – #OnePlaceTragedies
  • Mar 2021 – #OnePlaceWomen
  • Apr 2021 – #OnePlacePubs
  • May 2021 – #OnePlaceWorship
  • Jun 2021 – #OnePlaceMaps